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Horsfordia newberryi: Location descriptions

Our mapping of Horsfordia was part of our quest to find Horsfordia alata, finally found in 2017 in one known location.
Horsfordia alata was found in the Bisnage Alta wash, but seems to be a waif, as it was never found again.
The map shows the Horsfordia newberryi plants on our ongoing mapping. Plants seem to germinate quickly and a lot die within a few years.
It's rare to find a big older plant, the best place for them to survive seems to be in a rocky wash with a reliable flow of water.

Horsfordia newberryi often grows along washes and close to canyons, but just as well along mountain slopes.
On our route up to Indian head we encountered Horsfordia newberryi on the slopes, so we will never be able to find most of the plants as they grow in inaccessible locations.
Pictures of Horsfordia newberryi