Anza-Borrego Desert Wildflowers: Bloom report

Did it rain? Where did it rain? We collect data from most of the professional local weather stations, click on the cloud below.
Weather rain
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Data are collected following the hiked path shown below and includes the immediate area.
One fertile flower (male or female), is all it takes to count a species in bloom.

We try to visit a lot of different areas, but areas with a better bloom may be visited more often.
It makes a huge difference if the bloom count is from a very dry badlands area, or from a place with a good rainfall or along a creek.

The data in the graph are averaged out over a couple of days, to show the actual daily bloom count in the graph, click on the legend on the right until only one is active (black).
With only one selected bars will pop up representing the daily bloom count.

Tom Chester made a couple of great pages with more specific data: Tom Chester bloom reports

The 2021-2022 bloom report:

Bloom prediction for the Anza-Borrego Desert:

Mid August 2021:

YES at last Monsoonal rain from 0.3 to over 1 Inch below 300 feet.
More water might have drained in certain washes.
Click on the rain icon for more information.

This will certainly green up the desert, first to go, within days Fouquieria splendens splendens | Ocotillo will produce leaves and some will bloom.

Some perennials will start to bloom, like cacti.

From now on expect spotty annuals in bloom, Tom Chester (link below) has the best info right now.
From experience and the rain gauge, the best place for annuals, up to the end of the year, will probably be Fish Creek Area and Coyote Canyon.

The end of the year 2021 bloom may be normal or better than average.

More info on Tom Chester bloom page

Reports from previous seasons

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